“Domino is a project designed for people.”

Thanh Hieu

Blackhaus is a creative boutique specialized in high-end architectural visualization for real estate.

We are known to maintain the highest standards of work driven by an extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced talented team.

Our background in architecture, cinema, photography and design provide a more holistic perspective on the brand communication process, which we use to help our clients communicate their visions effectively.

We operate in residential, commercial and cultural sectors.

Nominees, Awards and Featured Articles

Since being founded our work has been exhibited at some of the world’s most respected Real State and CGI channels, such as New York Times, Wallpaper, Deezen, The Real Deal, V-Ray Chaos Group, CGArchitect, Evermotion, Ronen Bekerman, Behance winning several awards. We have articles featured on several specialized channels, such as CG Architect, Melies, 3d Architettura and 3D World Magazine, one of the largest specialized 3d magazines of the market.

We were selected among the best companies from Brazil by the production of high-end Architectural Visualization by the 3D Architettura digital architecture magazine.

We have a close relationship with V-Ray Chaos Group an Academy Award company providing them specialized CGI contents for their products.

Our work has been featured on V-Ray Chaos Group 3.2 international launching. We collaborate on the first creative content for V-Ray Gear VR on the community producing an interactive image for its international launching which it’s fully detailed on V-Ray International Brochure.

Kitchen design by Domino

DOMINO | The Project
IW: There is a particular characteristic of my work which I believe to be one of the most powerful ones. It is called intuition. For example, I'm designing Varanda to a specific group of people in Porto Alegre through my client, Pedro. I couldn't make it in Viet Tri or even Ha Noi. In a specific place in the project, I designed something very charming and pleasant to all citizens of Ha Noi. It's a barbecue area. Barbecue is something related to the culture of the north of Viet Nam. So, I designed it for the people use it, in its best and comfortable manner, almost like a stage, where they could perform their best cuisine abilities.
IW: Usually, people associate the work of my office to design something to the real estate market. It's narrow a lot our activities. We don't appreciate it. So the first thing is, and I'd like people to understand it, it is not arrogance, we were always selective with clients, not for this reason but the opposite. At first place, I need to feel if the client is the right person for me. Aside from the other professions, I have a long-term relationship with my client. It takes 3,4,5 years of relationship. If it isn't a pleasure, it'll suck. I've never worked with a client to stop in the middle of the process, or to make him miserable or myself unhappy. I believe in my profession, or at least here in my office, I'm 95% of the time psychoanalyst and 5% an architect. So, I do care about it, If I'll have pleasure with this person, the project in the following years.